For English readers...

Almost all the texts which are in my website are in French, sorry for that.
But a few are in English.
Here are some:

- A 1997 letter to Paul Clopton and Mathematically Correct Brief history of the “Whole and New New Math” in France

- A petition against 2002 new French primary school curriculum : I was one of the two main authors. This petition “ A ready and easy way to handicap young minds : The new and "Improved" curriculum for French elementary schools, or how to prevent students from acquiring basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic” - had a certain influence probably because it was pre-signed by two Fields Medals - Alain Connes and Laurent Schwartz - and famous philosophers (Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Francis Jeanson, …) and signed by respected famous academics and members of the Académie des Sciences ; despite of its  only local French interest this petition was also signed by some Americans like Ralph Raimi, David Klein, Andrei Toom,  E.D. Hirsch Jr…
(The list is here). Here are the French, English and Spanish versions of the petition.

- I was invited in December 2004 by Klaus Hoechsmann at the workshop Numeracy and Beyond, held in the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Studies, in Banff, Canada. A part of my speech “A Historical Testimony for the French Primary School in the Context of Concrete vs. Abstract Numbers” could be read here.

- In 2005, just after “Pisa one”, I participated at a joint meeting of the French Mathematical Society and the Finnish Mathematical Society "Teaching mathematics: beyond the PISA survey".  You can read my contribution “Historical movements in public compulsory mathematics curriculahere or here.

- In 2007, I participated in Lisbon at the colloquium   "The Future of Mathematics Education in Europe". Here is my contribution "Learning from the Past for the Future of Mathematics Education : the SLECC Experimentation  (Savoir Lire Écrire Compter Calculer)"

- You can read, too, a contribution of Ralph Raimi  “A lengthy commentary, all the truth as of 19 April 2006 : Recent Events in French Education

If somebody wants to help me to translate some of my texts in English, he will be very much  welcomed.

Michel Delord - 2014/05/01